How To Network With Other Writers

A few days ago, I asked an author friend of mine about the posts he likes to read. Aside from How To Find the Hypotenuse of an Inverted Isosceles Triangle, he gave me the following topics:

I’m going to dedicate a post to each topic.

Yesterday, I addressed How To Self-Edit.

Today we’ll discuss:

How to Network With Other Writers

I will confess. I’m a terrible networker. Just terrible, and I have no business telling you how to do it either.

My sister-in-law, on the other hand, author CJ James, is quite good.

Let me share with you what she shared with me… but first, I’m going to share this little nugget of networking gold.

When I was looking to approach Brandon Mull for a blurb for The Tale of Nottingswood, I got a little disappointed when I realized what a crap shoot contacting celebrities really is.

As a firm believer in six degrees of separation, otherwise known as the Kevin Bacon Principle, I turned to my own social media network. It just so happened that Mull and I had two mutual friends, one of which dated him in college. Score!

Through my friend–not an agent or manager–I was able to reach out to Mull (who was unfortunately crazy busy with his new book Five Kingdoms and unable to help).

Use the power of your own social network to introduce yourself and your work to other authors, even those who are well known.

Back to my sister-in-law.

This is what she did:

“I started joining groups about writing, reading, genres etc, a few years ago and have found a few seasoned networkers/authors who are vested in helping others learn and navigate the marketplace…. I just started asking questions stuck with those who genuinely took time to answer, to read my stuff, etc.”


  1. attend those conferences,
  2. join those reading and writing groups,
  3. ask questions
  4. then start following those who take the time to help.

What has worked for you? Please share your own tips on networking in the comments below to help non-networkers, like myself.

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