Sick On Christmas

I’m sick.

By this time, I’m usually sick of Christmas, but I’m not.

Because, this time, I’m sick on Christmas.

My head feels twice as heavy as it should; my throat is filled with needles and phlegm; I have to sleep with a tissue shoved up one nostril to prevent leakage… need I go on?

But it’s a blessing.

It’s humbled me. It’s forced me to slow down and halt my hustle and bustle. It’s given me time to reflect and appreciate why we even hustle and bustle in the first place.

Today, as I was preparing to do what many other families across the globe do on Christmas Eve, I turned to the second chapter of Luke in the New Testament. After adding another tissue to the trash can, I began to read.

But this time was different.

This time I read it out loud, not with my family, but to myself–and the story I have heard recited year after year for 38 years touched my soul in a way I have never before experienced.

I found my self transported to a world of rocky landscapes, ancient middle eastern streets crowded with merchants calling out to passersby in a strange language; I felt the chill of the desert night air as it passed over a young mother and inexperienced father as they lay their new child in a trough by the fire.

He is the giftI was with the shepherds, afraid at the sight of an angel, and I fell to my knees as the heavens opened and choirs shouted in song “Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest!”

I saw Simeon weep and heard Anna prophesy as their eyes fell upon The One for the first time. And I could see the reflection of both awe and uncertainty in the countenance of a lowly young couple now tasked with raising the Son of God.

I was there.

Were you?

Take some time to yourself this Christmas and read Luke 2:

Out loud.

To yourself.

Do this, and you will know as I know that Jesus the Christ was the First Gift of Christmas–from our Father to all of us, His children.

May God bless you all.

Merry Christmas!

J R Young signature

(Below is the spoken word recording of Luke 2 by author JR Young while he was Sick on Christmas. Dowload it as his gift to you, and share it with others as your gift to them. #HeIsTheGift #ShareTheGift)

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