A New Year’s Resolution For Authors And Writers

Here are the Top 11 commitments every writer must make this year.

For writers, authors, novelists, journalists–however you classify yourself–to improve upon your work, please recite the following:

I (state your name), do hereby decree that in this year, (state the current year), I will:

  • use at least 80% fewer adjectives in my writing;
  • not take constructive criticism of my work personally;
  • set aside at least 10 minutes each day to write something, even if it is my own obituary for future use–waaaaay in the future use;
  • reduce the first draft of my literary productions, be it 300 words or 30,000 words, by a minimum of 10%;
  • resist the temptation to write from multiple points of view within the same work;
  • keep my notes organized;
  • increase the number of books I read this year by 20%;
  • read at least five business related articles, or chapters, a week;
  • learn a new word each day;
  • study, explore, then write an essay or short story in a style and/or genre with which I am unfamiliar;
  • open a paperback novel every Saturday morning, lift it to my nose… and smell (if this line item doesn’t get me excited, I should consider another passion).

I acknowledge that heretofore my writing has stood in need of elevation, and that by adhering to the afore recited commitments, I shall witness an increased mastery of the language; broader use of style; greater efficiency in time management; cleaner, clearer, more streamlined manuscripts; and a heightened motivation to publish my work that the world may be benefited thereby.

I also acknowledge that non-adherence to said commitments will result in the same bloated prose I’ve been squeaking out for the past several years, as well as the possibility of being swirlied by Stephen King.

cat swirlie tommyknockers

What would you add to this list?

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