How To Find Time To Write

For those who love to put language on paper–or on screens–“how to find time to write” may be the most difficult question to answer; perhaps even more difficult than calculating the origins of the universe itself.

But I have done it. I have broken the code.

So, allow me to break the news to you softly:

You’ll never find time. There isn’t any to find. Sorry, Charlie.

crying meme you hurt my feelings

When you approach writing from the perspective of finding time, you’ll never find it. Instead, you’ll find frustration.

Serious writers don’t find time; they make time.

You don’t have time to write?

Well, you may not have the flexibility, or the resources, like many mainstream authors to hole yourself up at a beach house, a friends house, a cabin–minimizing all distractions–for a week to a month…,

…but there are things you can do.

  • Wake up early.
  • Stay up late.
  • Skip the tavern on the way home, and go to the library.
  • Give up Walking Dead reruns…and start writing!

If you’re single, it can be easier.

If you have a family, it can be more of a challenge.

I had the good fortune to talk to an old friend last week who is an up-and-coming fantasy author. We talked about how vital it is to have a supportive spouse. He and his wife made an arrangement that enables him to spend his creative energy in the mornings.

“Sweetie, I’m going to be ignoring you for the next hour or so.”

“Ok, love.”

Another author friend of mine, who is just about to release his third novel, worked out an arrangement where he could stay at his office a few extra hours after work.

You mean he’s on his third book and still has a full-time job???

Let me break it to you softly: Median income for self-published authors is $500… per year!

Hurt my feelings meme funny

But there is hope. Just remember:

Persistence and consistency leads to excellence and proficiency.

Personally, I like to write when the family is in bed.

My book, The Tale of Nottingswood, came to me in the middle of the night.

Whatever you do, if writing is a passion of yours–not just a hobby–as you make time for your writing, be sure to make time for those who love and support you in the process.

Happy writing!

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3 thoughts on “How To Find Time To Write

  1. JR, you really captured an issue that’s constantly on my mind. Envy may be a strong word, but I don’t mean it in a bad way here – I envy established authors who get up everyday and can just write. That’s their job. They have deadlines to meet, they know that if they finish their work by X date, there will be a paycheck on the way. Their friends and family don’t treat them as hobbyists. I doubt Steven King’s wife bursts into his office, demanding he drop his silly novel to work on a list of chores. Or, maybe she does. I don’t know. I’ve never met the Kings so what do I know?

    For the rest of us, it is a daily struggle. Friends and family have a tendency to not respect it. Tell someone, “Can you leave me alone? I’m trying to write a novel here!” will result in people looking at you as if you have five heads. You might as well tell them, “Can you leave me alone? I’m trying to build a model airplane, play with a ham radio, work on my golf swing, insert hobby here.”

    Alas, until that long yearned for best seller we’re all hoping for rolls in, we all need day jobs. And we all have families, friends, people we care about who depend on us. As you say, if we want to write, we have to make the time.

    But give up Walking Dead Reruns? Blasphemy!

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    • LOL! (And I only use that when I actually laugh out loud.)

      You so perfectly detailed the “support” system of the rising author. It is a maddening experience when they assume it’s “not a real job” and expect you to drop what you’re doing.

      That’s why it’s so important to have someone in your life who may not understand, but at least respects you enough to not break your flow once you work so hard to get in it.

      I’ve had to “train” my better half, and she still doesn’t “get it,” but she respects it. 🙂

      Thanks Bookshelf

      (btw, I have taken a week before to leave town and lock myself away to create, and it was amazing.)


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