I Need Therapy | Writer’s A.D.D.

disorganized writing

I hate it.

I hate it I hate it I hate it.

“Do you need this?”

…she asks, referring to the random sticky notes found throughout our bedroom with half-scratched notes for half-baked ideas for new creative projects.

“What about all these?”

…she asks again. This time she points to stacks of yellow legal pads filled with story ideas and marketing strategies for unfinished books. 

If you’re anything like me, you suffer from what I call: Writer’s A.D.D.

How many of you have a story you’ve started, but, for one reason or another–you’ve quit?

Did you get bored with writing that book, too busy; did it get too hard; did you lose faith, or did you cheat on it with a more attractive story line, only to find it was just like all the rest?

No matter what the reason, I have a solution that may help.


Get yourself an Accountability Partner.

You need someone to hold you accountable. Not your spouse; not someone you live with. It’s someone who you know will:

  • be honest,
  • answer your emails as you report your progress, and
  • love you enough to not charge you for it.

writing meme

Writers are free spirits. Telling us to, “Just stop whining and do it,” doesn’t always work for us. If we’re going to get anything done, we need someone or something to:

  1. hold us accountable,
  2. keep us grounded, and
  3. remind us to take our Ritalin when our right brain starts working against us instead of for us.

When I was first inspired to write The Tale of Nottingswood, the words flowed effortlessly. The story came alive.

Then life happened. Distractions happened. As the story became bigger than I anticipated, I dabbled back and forth between past projects, and, eventually, my heart left Nottingswood. The story soon found it’s place tucked away among the others which had met a similar fate: collecting pixel-dust in the basement of my laptop.

It was a year later when I sat down to dinner with my best friend. After decimating a vegetarian burrito smothered in cheese sauce and whining about my life, my friend laid some truth on me. He helped me see my circumstances objectively, pointed out truths I’d been missing or ignoring, and got me back in touch with the inspiration I had lost.

He held me accountable by reminding me of reality, and of my responsibility to those orphaned “brain babies” I had abandoned on those lines of golden stationary, or between the 1s and 0s of my computer.

One year after that dinner conversation, I held the proof copy of The Tale of Nottingswood for the first time–at his house, as coincidence would have it.

It felt awesome.

There is nothing more valuable in the writing process than a friend to hold you accountable to your own potential.

The Tale of Nottingswood JR Young

The first proof copy of The Tale of Nottingswood. November 2014

The Tale of Nottingswood cover JR YoungA Novelette by JR Young. Experience the dystopian upside-down town of Nottingswood. Visit Nottingswood.com and read the first 28 pages of JR’s latest novelette, The Tale of Nottingswood, for free. Available now in print. Get the eBook on iBooks, NookKobo, and all other formats, including Kindle, right here.

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