The Shame of the Fallen | A Writing Exercise

The Journey by David Shauf

Writing exercise: One syllable prompt

For today’s writing exercise, I used a prompt that challenged me to write using only words with one syllable. Challenge accepted.

1. Poem

Step by each step they climbed.
With wings of faith they flew.
High did they fly
‘Til their face touched the sky
And found peace with those friends they once knew.

2. Story – The Shame of the Fallen

George stepped down from his place on the stand. With a twinge of regret lodged in his throat, he did not speak as they all watched him pass by.

What will he say?” they thought. “What will he do?

As he found the door at the back of the room, he paused, looked back, and with a tear in his eye and shame on his brow, he said,

“Don’t lose your faith. I will not be back. Another will take my place to keep you on track.”

Then he was gone.

The hush was thick in the air of that room, and no one saw or heard from their priest again.

Now it’s your turn. Write something using only one syllable words and post it, or a link to it, in the comments.

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