Why God, Why? (A poem for the heavy heart) | Writing Exercise

Why God

Writing exercise: Wax philosophical.

My friend’s nephew was mugged by four men in the Philippines. They brutally beat him in the head with a hammer. He died from his injuries a few days later. He was only 21.

Life is full of unanswered questions. Today’s writing exercise is to create dissonance and resolution. Those terms are typically used in music composition, and it’s what gives those musical moments we love so much such power.

It’s about creating tension then providing relief. But in this exercise, I wanted to take it further than writing a who-done-it then revealing who-did-it.

I love asking questions that take the mind deeper. The entertainment is the sugar, the underlying questions are the medicine.

So, get philosophical. Take a current event that seems “answerless”–whether personal, or in the news–and immerse yourself in that question (the dissonance), but then rise to the surface with a possible a way out, or a little hope (the resolution).

Good luck, and happy writing!

Why God, Why?

Why God, why? Is a question we ask often
As we look upon the innocent draped in their coffin.
When disaster strikes, why doesn’t He stop it?
If he created the world, why sit back and drop it?

When he sees us crestfallen, why doesn’t He care?
If he sees what is coming, why does He stand there
Just watching us suffer as we clean up the rubble
Of the storms in our lives that give us all trouble?

Why God, why? is the phrase we all ask
To this God who’s in hiding unwilling to unmask
His purpose behind what is making us sad.
If he’s the Great God of Good, then why is there bad?

Why are the answers always unsatisfying
Amid all the disease, all the heartbreaks, the lying?
Well, maybe that question is not our biggest problem
As we sift through life’s puzzles finding some way to solve them.

Maybe, if we stop asking in the Spirit of accusation
And instead ask “Why God?” in the form of supplication,
Then the heavens might open to this God you once knew
And answer your “Why God” as he weeps there with you.


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