How To Win Over Your True Love

valentine's day tips

Flowers? No.

Chocolates? Cliche.

A store bought card? Pack your bags.

The one thing that will “Wow” and “Wooo” your loved one on Valentine’s day– better yet, any day when an overt demonstration of affection is not expected–does not require talent, or even money. It just requires the heart.

Memories are funny things. Our brains choose to remember some things while forgetting others. I always remember my dad writing cheesy poems for my mom. I didn’t understand why back then, but do now.

Writing a poem–no matter how cheesy, corny, or un-rhyming it is–is a sure fire way to your companion’s heart. It shows them you spent your most precious capital on them–time. It takes great effort to put down how you feel on paper, and trust me, it doesn’t matter how poetic or pedestrian it may come across, the fact that you even wrote it down in the first place will pay huge dividends in your relationship for years to come.

So pull out that pen and immortalize how much they mean to you by putting it on paper.

p.s. You want to really make their heart melt? Be sure to include references to first dates, inside jokes, etc. That’s money right there.


My Valentine’s Day poem for my wife:

There’s a love that speaks deep–
Speaks deep from home,
A home with four chambers
That to some is unknown,
But not to two lovers
Whose paths crossed one day
While searching for “The One”
A few thousand miles away.

When God wants two people
To find one another
To be a husband and wife,
A father and mother,
He plants in those chambers
A seed that will grow,
That will last them through lifetimes,
Through the highs and the lows,
And as it’s roots dig in deeper,
They will ne’er go amiss,
And each morning’s greeting…

Will be true love’s first kiss.


Valentine's Day Poem poetry

Chocolates sweeten any poem.

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