I Need Therapy | Writer’s A.D.D.

disorganized writing

I hate it.

I hate it I hate it I hate it.

“Do you need this?”

…she asks, referring to the random sticky notes found throughout our bedroom with half-scratched notes for half-baked ideas for new creative projects.

“What about all these?”

…she asks again. This time she points to stacks of yellow legal pads filled with story ideas and marketing strategies for unfinished books. 

If you’re anything like me, you suffer from what I call: Writer’s A.D.D.

How many of you have a story you’ve started, but, for one reason or another–you’ve quit?

Did you get bored with writing that book, too busy; did it get too hard; did you lose faith, or did you cheat on it with a more attractive story line, only to find it was just like all the rest?

No matter what the reason, I have a solution that may help. Continue reading


As the Storm Rages On

Storm hope

There is hope.
There is always hope.

The Night–always darkest before the Dawn.
The Day–always clearer after the Storm.
The Music–always louder at concert’s end.
Then it’s over and Quiet sets in.

There is not always Light at the end of every tunnel.
Some simply dead end.
But that doesn’t mean you stay there,
Huddle down and cry there.
Just turn around and walk back to the Light again.

We choose the way we point our feet,
T’ward destiny or despair.
And as long as we walk destiny’s path–forward–
Hope will always be there.

But in the meantime…

On what ground will you stand as the Storm rages on?
What have you built for It’s hail to fall upon?
While in the darkest of Night
Do not put down your Light,
For as you turn t’ward the east–there she is!

The Dawn.

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In the Grasp Of the Scythe

Poem about death

Today’s writing exercise: Writing what comes.

Reading all the news reports about the deadly terror attacks in Paris, my heart was heavy and my fingers twitchy. Twitchy to empty myself of the weight in my head and swelling in my chest. Not sure if what came out makes sense; there is no specific rhyming pattern or meter, but it was what my heart wanted to say. Continue reading

The Curse of The Redlined

Writing exercise: Rhyming 

How does a joke turn into something amazing? This is how:

My songwriting buddy, Chris, came down for a visit over the holiday. One morning, we busted out two songs in an hour and a half! He emailed me this morning asking me to send him one of the verses we had rewritten.

As good friends do, we joke with one another over email, but my joke turned into something different.

After two decades of writing songs, my mind tends to think in verse when I create. (Evidenced by the nearly 15,000 word novelette, The Tale of Nottingswood, written entirely in verse. Read the first 28 pages for yourself here.)

I used to have a “purist” attitude about my writing. I believed the only resource that a writer should have at their disposal is their mind. It wasn’t until I read an interview with my favorite composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, that my eyes were opened.

He admitted to using a rhyming dictionary.


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How To Find Time To Write

For those who love to put language on paper–or on screens–“how to find time to write” may be the most difficult question to answer; perhaps even more difficult than calculating the origins of the universe itself.

But I have done it. I have broken the code.

So, allow me to break the news to you softly:

You’ll never find time. There isn’t any to find. Sorry, Charlie.

crying meme you hurt my feelings

When you approach writing from the perspective of finding time, you’ll never find it. Instead, you’ll find frustration.

Serious writers don’t find time; they make time.

You don’t have time to write?

Well, you may not have the flexibility, or the resources, like many mainstream authors to hole yourself up at a beach house, a friends house, a cabin–minimizing all distractions–for a week to a month…,

…but there are things you can do. Continue reading

For the Writer: How To Cope When Frustration Sets In

A few days ago, I asked an author friend of mine about the posts he likes to read. Aside from How To Properly Articulate Ghetto Slang, he gave me the following topics:

I’m going to dedicate a post to each topic.

Last week, I addressed How to network with other writers.

Today we’ll discuss:

How To Not Get Down When Things Are Frustrating Continue reading