As the Storm Rages On

Storm hope

There is hope.
There is always hope.

The Night–always darkest before the Dawn.
The Day–always clearer after the Storm.
The Music–always louder at concert’s end.
Then it’s over and Quiet sets in.

There is not always Light at the end of every tunnel.
Some simply dead end.
But that doesn’t mean you stay there,
Huddle down and cry there.
Just turn around and walk back to the Light again.

We choose the way we point our feet,
T’ward destiny or despair.
And as long as we walk destiny’s path–forward–
Hope will always be there.

But in the meantime…

On what ground will you stand as the Storm rages on?
What have you built for It’s hail to fall upon?
While in the darkest of Night
Do not put down your Light,
For as you turn t’ward the east–there she is!

The Dawn.

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